White to Blue Curriculum Techniques

Stripe 1
1. Tie the Belt
2. Roll Forward
3. Roll Backward
4. Bridge (Upa)
5. Teeter Totter
6. Four-Points Base
7. Elbow Escape Movement (3 Options)
8. Stand up in Base
9. Two-Handed Choke Defense
10. Same Side Wrist Grab Escape
11. Two-Hand Wrist Grab Escape
12. One-Hand Lapel Grab Defense (Straight Arm)
13. One-Hand Lapel Grab Defense (Bent Arm)
14. One-Hand Lapel Grab Defense (Bent Wrist)
15. Round House Punch Defense
16. Straight Punch Defense
17. Front Kick Defense
18. Low Kick Defense
19. High Kick Defense
20. T-Position Hip Throw
21. T-Position Leg Throw
22. T-Position Throw from Behind (Sitting Down)

Stripe 2
23. Maintain the Mount (Swimming Through Arms)
24. Maintain the Mount (Pulling Hands off Knees)
25. Maintain the Mount (Pushing Opponent’s Head)
26. Upa with Choke Defense
27. Basic Elbow Escape
28. Basic Cross Choke
29. Basic Cross Choke from Mount
30. Basic Armlock Movement
31. Basic Armlock with Partner
32. American Armlock (from Mount)
33. Sit-up Sweep (from Guard)
34. Kimura (from Guard)
35. Proper Posture in the Guard
36. Cross Choke from Guard
37. Cross Choke Defense in the Guard (Squeeze the Bread)
38. Cross Choke Defense in the Guard(Comb the Hair)
39. Scissor Sweep to Mount
40. Armlock from Guard
41. Triangle from Guard
42. Guillotine Choke from Guard
43. Guillotine Choke Defense
44. Standing Guillotine Choke

Stripe 3
45. Standing Guillotine Choke Defense (Hands on Knees)
46. Standing Guillotine Choke Defense (Buckle the Knees)
47. Rear Bear Hug Defense (Arms Pinned)
48. Basic Pass the Guard (Knee on Floor)
49. Squeeze the Bread
50. Establish Cross Body Position
51. Maintain Cross Body Position
52. Regain the Guard from Cross Body
53. Cross Body Defense (Turn on Knees)
54. Basic Mount from Cross Body (Arm Out)
55. Basic Mount from Cross Body (Arm In)
56. American Armlock from Cross Body
57. Chicken Wing from Cross Body Kimura
58. Maintain Back Control with Hooks
59. Escape from Back Control with Hooks
60. Choke with Collar from Back
61. Mata Leao (Rear Naked Choke)
62. Rear Choke Escape (Finger Point)
63. Standing Head Lock Defense (Lift Opponent)
64. Overhead Club Defense (Close the Distance)
65. Standing Rear Naked Choke Defense (Flip Opponent)
66. Standing Headlock Punch Defense

Stripe 4
67. Front Bear Hug Defense (Arms Pinned)
68. Cross Body Headlock Defense (Opponents Head Low)
69. Wrestlers Head and Arm Defense (Hips under Opponent)
70. Front Bear Hug Defense (Arms Free)
71. Neck Defense (Pinned to Wall - One Hand)
72. Rear Bear Hug Defense (Opponent Lifts You Up)
73. Standing Rear Naked Choke Defense
74. Cross Body Headlock Defense (Make a Frame)
75. Mounted Punch Attack (Bucking Defense)
76. Two-Handed Lapel Grab Defense
77. Basic Hook Sweep from Guard
78. Armbar Protection from Guard
79. Choke Protection from Guard
80. Cross Body Headlock Defense (Go to Back)
81. Cross Body Headlock Defense (Go to Knees)
82. Cross Body Neck Crank (Pass the Leg)
83. Close the Gap
84. Mount Defense (Move Away)
85. Basic Armlock from Cross Body
86. Bajana (Double Leg Takedown)
87. Pass the Guard (Standing Up)
88. Standing Hair/Ear Grab Defense


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